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Keywording your photos is important. Especially when you start to get a large library or if you want to look at selling your images.

Some of us are better than others at managing our photos – perhaps storing them in a structured folder/directory layout on your computer or giving them relevant names based on what they are shots of. But if you take shots of similar things across a range of shoots it can still be difficult to find things. A simple examples might be you need a photo that shows the colour red quite predominantly. If all your shots are tagged with colour keywords then you can just search for “red” and presto – there’s all your images.

When I first started using Lightroom I searched online for keyword lists for a few subject areas I was interested in. I did find some but they were quite expensive, so instead I created some of my own. The lists I’ve created so far are:

  1. Geography – a list of all countries broken down by continent
  2. Animals – I’m sure this won’t be complete but includes over 350 animals
  3. Colours – Red or Crimson? A list of 42 of the more common colours
  4. Natural Landforms – Beaches, canyons, forest and glaciers
  5. Bodies of Water – Over 30 terms for that wet stuff
  6. Buildings – Nearly 180 words for man-made structures
  7. Weather – Keywords for describing the weather and atmospheric conditions

The cost for all the keyword lists shown above is just USD$5. If you’d like to purchase them then please click the “Add to cart” button above. Payment is via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account).