Thank you for purchasing the Lightroom Keyword lists! Please check your email for the keywords file (don’t forget your spam folder, although I hope I haven’t ended up there!)

As mentioned the collection includes:

  1. Geography – a list of all countries broken down by continent
  2. Animals – I’m sure this won’t be complete but includes over 350 animals
  3. Colours – Red or Crimson? A list of 42 of the more common colours
  4. Natural Landforms – Beaches, canyons, forest and glaciers
  5. Bodies of Water – Over 30 terms for that wet stuff
  6. Buildings – Nearly 180 words for man-made structures
  7. Weather – Keywords for describing the weather and atmospheric conditions

Installation Instructions
To install these in Lightroom, download the file and save to your hard disk. Then open Lightroom and the catalog you want to use them in. From the menu select Metadata > Import Keywords and navigate to and select the keyword list you want to import.

Change History

Added “Weather” keyword list (and also added to zip file)

Added “Reservoir” to Bodies of Water keyword list and added new list for man-made buildings.