I’ve discovered a new website that aims to turn your existing photo slideshows into something with a little more, well, pizazz! The site is called Animoto, and you basically load your photos, select a soundtrack, and here’s the differe [...]
Following my earlier post questioning whether the genre of Travel Photography was dead, the DPS has decided its not and has posted some links and advice for those wanting to get great photos. These include: Photographing People – Asking Perm [...]
Photojojo covers the issue of getting that great holiday shot without all those other pesky tourists in the photo. They link to three different methods for you to try. Travelling a lot this is something that often plagues me and I often end up wai [...]
(Pheasant in Autumn by John Harrison) Earth Shots is a great site showing some superb shots of the world around us. Each day they pick the best photo submitted on their site and feature it on the homepage. If you want something to add to your news [...]