The online photography magazine, Magical Places Fine Art, has an interview with adventurer and photographer Harry Kikstra. Whilst I love to travel and document my trips with my photography, Harry takes things to an all new level, producing some ex [...]
Following my post earlier about PhotoNetCast, Digital Photography School has today posted a list of 24 other photography related podcasts to inspire you – a mixture of both video and audio. Head on over to Digital Photography School to check [...]
I stumbled upon this great collection of night shots by a photographer called Troy Paiva today. Troy is a commercial artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. For his entire adult life he has been an abandonment explorer and back-roads wanderer [...]
A new podcast has launched for photographers at The format is a relaxed roundtable discussion between several photography bloggers: Antonio Marques Martin Gommel Jim M Goldstein Brian Auer Instead of delivering the common  [...]
If you like to keep up on your news and views related to photography, there’s a site that can make finding articles far easier – PhotographyVoter. The site, which looks vaguely like dig, features news, articles and opinion on all thing [...]
Continuing my theme of highlighting tips, articles and plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom, Joe Barret has released a free eBook containing 30 tips and tricks on his site, Image Space. He mainly covers the library and develop module and for someone wanti [...]
Adobe has officially announced the introduction of the Lightroom Community Help Wiki. The help system incorporates an updated version of the Lightroom LiveDocs and well known figures from the Lightroom Community will be involved with as moderators [...]
Peachpit have launched an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom resource centre of their site. Whether you’re just learning Lightroom for the first time or looking for pro-level tips to help you do more, better, they’ve got a range of resources to [...]
I found of late that I tend to shoot quite a lot of sculpture, especially living so close to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, however I often get home to find I’m disappointed with many of my shots. So its interesting to see that Digital Photog [...]
Now regular readers will probably note I’m a bit of a Adobe Lightroom fan. I think its great, not only for managing your workflow, from import through developing to print, but it is also good as a library tool, helping you to catalog and org [...]