Dave, a friend of mine has just launched a great new photo site to showcase one of the more popular subjects he likes to focus on – farm animals. From just a quick review of his Flickr photostream this passion is obvious, however with the la [...]
Well I missed this – but apparently DP Review has launched a photographic challenges site. Although still in beta, the site lists various mini-challenges for people to try and then vote on to highlight the best shots. No prizes as far as I c [...]
No not from me unfortunately! However I discovered a great site the other day that lists the majority of current photography competitions. Photocompete.com lists all currently open amateur and professional photography competitions from around the  [...]
I updated my RSS feeds to today so if you’ve suddenly got a load of old posts marked new then apologies! If you’ve not seen an update for a while I’d suggest you re-subscribe using the link at the top right or by clicking here, a [...]
Some people love HDR and others hate it. Personally I think it works when used well, and that those that hate it are probably referring to the over-the-top effects HDR can sometimes produce. I mention this as I’ve discovered a gorgeous set o [...]
You might notice things look a little different around here. After the same design for a couple of years, I’ve made a few subtle amends which hopefully should make maintenance a little smoother. In addition, the header image is now random an [...]
I thought it might be interesting to have a search online for documentary style shots of the 2008 US election campaign however it seems despite the worldwide interest this time, my searches didn’t turn up much of interest. I did, however fin [...]
Although the very idea that you’d get bored of this blog is beyond my comprehension (joke!) I’ve found a site that seems to do nothing but link to photoblogs. I say “seems” as the site is Polish although I’m relieved  [...]
The site Magical Place Fine Art continues its series of interviews with photographers that have either won or been highly placed in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition. The latest interview is with Peter Adams. Full of great tips and v [...]
I discovered rOllon.in today and whilst it appears its fairly new (I could only find two articles) it does show promise. The writer on this blog, Rishi, is a very funny guy and the amusing posts seem to be focused (excuse the pun) on taking a part [...]