Whilst I’m away travelling I usually schedule something to keep the blog going. This time I decided to take the “Follow Friday” idea from Twitter and recommend some links to five photographers who’s work I love. You may alr [...]
Imported Light is my portfolio site which mainly shows off photography from my travels. Until recently it was mainly a Flash based site but I’d been having a few problems with it and decided it was time to revisit the site and see what I cou [...]
A well calibrated monitor is essential when processing your photos so you can ensure they look their best. I use a Huey Pro but if you don’t want to buy additional equipment, here’s a quick way to make sure your brightness and contrast [...]
This post is a bit of a rant that’s been building for a while but bear with me! Especially if you use Flickr. I’ve long thought it strange that whenever you add a link in Flickr, either as part of your profile within a caption f [...]
See what I did there? No… well read on. You will… Firstly, there’s a great write up over on the X= blog about why you should import and convert your photos to Adobe’s DNG format. Definitely worth a read. Secondly, apologies [...]
Are you the sort of person that buys those glossy photo magazines as a way of getting inspiration for your own shots and setups? In the current economy this can be expensive (unless you stand around the bookshop and read them there!). Thankfully P [...]
The Digital Photography School site is three years old this month. In addition, they’ve also just posted their 1,000th article. To celebrate they’ve posted the top 10 articles ranked by views. The top ten are: 10 Ways to Take Stunning  [...]
Confused between DPI, LPI and PPI? Unsure whether you use Raster or Vector images? Or just wanting to know the different between RGB and CMYK? If so, the then Digital Photography School has just posted a glossary or key jargon often encountered wh [...]
Apologies if your feed for my site has been going a little hay-wire of late. It appears that the move to WordPress caused some issues. I’ve now implemented the FeedBurner WordPress plug-in, FeedSmith, so I’m hoping things will settle d [...]
I’ve not posted much of late as I’ve been busy converting my entire site from Movable Type to WordPress. Thankfully this is all done now and things should be roughly the same. I have taken the opportunity to add in some minor tweaks (s [...]