Digital Photography School has an article today about a way to create more balanced results when processing multiple exposure images (commonly referred to as HDR) but without the often over-the-top effects normal HDR processiong can produce. The D [...]
As digital cameras become more popular the number of people with DSLRs is slowly growing, but how many of those keep the camera on its “auto” setting for the majority of the time? In perhaps an attempt to get their customers using more [...]
Are you a budding nature/wildlife photographer? Want to improve your skills? If so then the BBC Wildlife magazine may have the solution for you. They’ve put over 20 of their masterclass articles on their web site in PDF format to download. T [...]
Have you ever tried to get some motion into your shots by panning with a moving subject? Digital Photography School recently posted an article which included 5 tips for successful panning and provides some nice images as examples. However if you w [...]
The carousel shot I posted a few entries ago has truly been one of my most popular shots for quite a while. Personally this surprised me as I’ve seen loads of examples of very similar shots, but hey, if people like it I’m happy. Howeve [...]
Everyone seems to be talking about shooting star trails (no, not shooting stars, but shooting, star trails). Digital Photography School has some tips and provides 4 steps to creating great star shots using stacking software. Various Flickr groups  [...]
I discovered today and whilst it appears its fairly new (I could only find two articles) it does show promise. The writer on this blog, Rishi, is a very funny guy and the amusing posts seem to be focused (excuse the pun) on taking a part [...]
A few friends have asked how I manage to turn around my pictures so quickly. I’ve used Adobe Lightroom since it was in beta and now have a workflow process in place that allows  [...]
Photojojo covers the issue of getting that great holiday shot without all those other pesky tourists in the photo. They link to three different methods for you to try. Travelling a lot this is something that often plagues me and I often end up wai [...]