Not that long ago, before digital photography took off, and wh [...]
Well I’m back from a brief trip to Turkey and must say I’m very impressed with Istanbul. There’s so much to see and do within a nice compact area it makes it a great destination for a short break. Although if you’re a photo [...]
I’m back in Venice (Italy, not California!). Hopefully I’ll have some more photos for you next week once I’m back. Ciao!  [...]
Everywhere Magazine was recently brought to my attention by a friend of mine who knows my passion for travel. It’s produced by the same people who create jpg magazine and its aim is to give a voice to those who love to travel so that they ca [...]
I’ve just posted a selection of shots from my recent trip to Jordan. You might also notice that the format of my galleries has changed a little. I’m now using the excellent SlideShowPro for Lightroom which makes outputting Flash galler [...]
Well I’m back from my trip to Jordan and working on sorting the photos out. Clicking the photo of the Bedouin Tent at Wadi Rum above will take you to my Jordan set on Flickr, and I hope to have a gallery of shots up on here soon.  [...]
As you read this I’ll be jetting off to the Middle East (don’t you just love scheduled posts!) Every year I try to get away for the holidays and of course the camera goes with me. This year I’m off to Jordan for some hopefully im [...]
I came across an interesting article on the Pixelated Image blog today. The basic premise of the article is that travel photography, as a genre, is dead. What people heralding the death of travel photography mean is that it’s a market that&# [...]
The other week I decided a need a break and so a friend and I headed off to Italy, specifically Venice. Italy is one of the few places in the Mediterranean that I haven’t been to so I was looking forward to it. When you look at a map  [...]