This weekend I decided to spend a few days in Paris with a friend. This gave me the opportunity to test my new Sony A7 Mark 2 camera. I had previously used it a little around Dublin but not taken it on holiday yet. One of the main reasons for buyi [...]
Travel Photography and Respecting Other Cultures
Short post but I wanted to highlight this recent story where a Sri Lankan court has given suspended jail terms to three French tourists for “wounding the religious feelings of Buddhists by taking pictures deemed insulting”. Whilst what [...]
(Old Wooden Jetty, Lake Titicaca) I’ve finally finished my photos from my South America trip and you can view them on my portfolio site over at If you’re rather jump straight to a specific gallery you can find the li [...]
I’m wrapping up my South American trip. The photo above is of the Uyuni salt flats. A very surreal place! It’s been an amazing trip and if you ever get the opportunity to go to Bolivia I would highly recommend it. Today was the trip to [...]
Once again I’ll be heading off over the holiday season and once again it’s to what some may not think of as a typical tourist destination – Beirut, and more generally Lebanon. However as a photographer I think it’s important to push ourselves and  [...]
So I’ve finally finished the Iran photos. Click the image above to view the full gallery over on I’ll also be posting a selection of shots to Flickr over the coming days.  [...]
So I’m about half way through processing my Iran photos now and I thought I’d post a teaser shot! The above shot was taken within the old part of Yazd which is all mud-brick houses and narrow lanes. The tower in the picture is a wind t [...]
So I’m back from my 15 day jaunt to the Islamic Republic of Iran and it was probably one of my best trips! I think the photo above represents quite well the fun we had out there. Before going, almost without exception, everyone I told replie [...]
In previous articles I discussed the modern day definition of travel photography, and provided examples of equipment lists that you might need for short medium and long trips. This time I am going to present my thoughts on planning a trip –  [...]
In an earlier post I talked about how the definitions o [...]