I went to the Kite Festival at Harewood House near Leeds today. Man is it hard to photograph kites! As you will be able to tell this is not a kite, but its easily the best shot I came away with today.  [...]
For the last couple of years I’ve wanted to get some shots of the rape seed fields in flower. Today I decided to try a couple of spots I’d previously scouted and although the weather wasn’t ideal, the stormy skies contrast nicely [...]
I’m back in Venice (Italy, not California!). Hopefully I’ll have some more photos for you next week once I’m back. Ciao!  [...]
I went to the new Impressions Gallery in Bradford today. On their website they claim they were established in 1972 as one of the first specialist photographic galleries in Europe and have grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent v [...]
Leeds was celebrating St Patrick’s Day early today with a parade through the city centre and lots of entertainment in Millennium Square. By chance I was in town with my camera and so walked around the city with the Parade. Speaking with one  [...]
The rather iconic Leeds International Swimming Pool will be demolished soon, but prior to its demise a couple of art installations have been created in the small and main pools by the Office for Subversive Architecture. The exhibition will be open [...]
Another from the recent Leeds Flickr Group night shoot. The sky, whilst pushed a little, was really orange from all the light pollution from the surrounding city.  [...]
Taken on a recent night shoot with the Leeds Flickr Group.  [...]