London Calling
A view down the Thames from Canary Wharf to the city as a storm rolls in.
I’ve been a bit quiet because I’ve just started a new job. So its taken me far longer than usual to finish sorting out my photos from my recent trip to Burma (Myanmar). However I’m pleased to announce that I’ve now finished [...]
A new job upon my return from Myanmar means I’ve been very busy. I’m still working through my photos from my latest trip but its taking a while to whittle them down and process them all. In the meantime here’s one to whet your ap [...]
Another shot from my recent Eastern Turkey trip!  [...]
So I’m back from eastern Turkey – an extraordinary place relatively undiscovered by tourists so far. I took well over 1,000 photos in the two weeks I was travelling so its going to take a while for me to pick and process the best. Howe [...]
There are often weird and wonderful events that happen in Yorkshire. From races where competitors have to run with sacks of coal on their back to rubber duck races, Light Night in Leeds to the Scarecrow festival out in the Yorkshire Dales. But one [...]
I purchased the Lee Big Stopper filter the other day and today was a perfect day to test it. Very windy, with clouds scuttling overhead. The above shot is one of the Henry Moore pieces that sits within the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I also took som [...]
Brodsworth Hall in Yorkshire ran its popular Enchanted Garden event again this week (they stopped for a couple of years) where they light up their gardens after sunset. You can see more photos from the night on Flickr or via Google+.  [...]
I’ve finished processing my photos from Iceland as mentioned in my previous post. You can view the gallery by clicking on over to my portfolio site It was only a brief trip to a small part of Iceland (the south western cor [...]
Earlier this week I was in Iceland for a few days. Whilst there I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights along with some of the sights in the South West corner of the island. I’m just finishing up my photos but should have them up soon. [...]