Amateur Photographer is reporting that more than a third of MPs have now backed Austin Mitchell’s parliamentary petition on the right to take pictures in public places unchallenged by officials, winning cross-party support from 231 of the 64 [...]
I’ve been made aware of an issue with the comments form on my site. Apparently, unless you actually clicked the “comment anonymously” link it wasn’t showing the captcha form and so when you submitted a comment you got an er [...]
It seems today that every camera manufacturer has their own flavour of the RAW image format. Sometimes even different cameras from the same manufacturer support different versions, and when people want to keep there pictures for years and ensure t [...]
A photographer from a Birmingham-based photographic agency has raised a complaint with West Midlands Police following an incident in which he says a police officer forced him to delete images from his memory card. The website for Editorial Photogr [...]
Following my earlier post on the UK Police campaign that is only going to produce more hassle for photographers, things are slowly beginning to move. Over the last couple of weeks, there have been questions in the press from the public, an early d [...]
In a distinctly worrying move the UK’s police forces have launched an anti-photography propaganda campaign. What annoys me about this is that it is unlikely to have any real impact on terrorism, but will impact genuine photographers around o [...]
Engadget reports that Polaroid is killing off the Polaroid film format and attempting to reinvent the brand so it “lives on for the next 30 to 40 years”. With the advent of digital photography and quick and easy ways to print out your  [...]