Lord Carlile, who heads the terror law watchdog body, has spoken out on police use of Section 44 of the Terrorism Act (Stop and Search) claiming it is unnecessarily and stresses that no stops have ever led to a conviction. Section 44 gives police  [...]
In what may be good news to photographers (should this get a wider rollout) Amateur Photographer is reporting that following a review of the current Stop-and-Search powers – which have created unwarranted hassle for many – the Metropol [...]
Amateur Photographer is reporting today that stock photo library Alamy is set to remove thousands of images from its database after the National Trust complained they breached its policy on picture use. Under strict rules, the National Trust bans  [...]
I was exceedingly disappointed today to see an article over on Amateur Photographer about how the UK Government is continuing to encourage people to report photographers despite very little evidence that terrorists wander around with cameras takin [...]
It appears that with all the mess of moving the site from MT to WP I missed this! Recently the issues around photographers being stopped by the Police under anti-terror legislation was rasied and discussed at length in Parliament. Conservative MP  [...]
Whilst I recently reported on potential changes to the UK law that might affect photographers, it appears things are getting even sillier in the US with the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act (H.R. 414), which has been introduced into Congress this m [...]
The British Journal of Photography is reporting that come February 16th a new law comes into effect in the UK which could worsen the already bad relationship between photographers and the security services. The law, an amendment to the Counter-Ter [...]
So after all the hoop-la, its over and Barack Obama will be the next President of the USA. Whilst I’m sure millions of words have been written about the ‘ 08 campaign there have also been some great photos taken of the contenders. Bost [...]
Since Flickr’s announcement about its linking up with Getty Images it appears they may be looking to stop photographers who offer professional services from linking to their own personal sites. Pablo Vincente, like many others, includes a li [...]
Do you use Flickr? Are the photos you’ve placed there for sale? Jim Goldstein has posted a thought provoking article on his blog titled, “How Every Flickr Photo Ended Up on Sale This Weekend.” The article references a third party [...]