The photography blogs are alight to day with the news that the beta version of Lightroom is now available to try. As its covered in detail elsewhere, I’ll just provide you all with the link to go get yourself a copy to test it out! Adobe Lig [...]
For those of you using SlideShowPro for Lightroom, a new version is out. Version 1.1.4, which is likely to be the last upgrade before version 1.2 hits, doesn’t contain any major new features but fixes some bugs and brings the core product in [...]
Lightroom News has a brief review of an interesting new Lightroom plugin called Enfuse. Enfuse is an existing open source blending program that creates images similar to tonemapped images, (but without over-exaggerated style many fans of HDR seem  [...]
Adobe has officially announced the introduction of the Lightroom Community Help Wiki. The help system incorporates an updated version of the Lightroom LiveDocs and well known figures from the Lightroom Community will be involved with as moderators [...]
Lightroom and Camera Raw will be updated to 1.3.1 and 4.3.1 respectively within the next week.  These updates provide corrections for issues introduced in the last release as well as additional Lightroom Leopard compatibility. Read the full s [...]
The SlideShowPro tool is now available as a plugin for the web module of Adobe Lightroom. The tool allows you to create Flash slideshows from your photo collections using just the familar Lightroom interface. Its all self contained and you donR [...]
With version 1.3 of Lightroom, the export dialog has changed to allow plugins to be developed. There are now three plugins that allow you to automatically export to: Flickr Smugmug Zenfolio (Follow the links above to download them)  [...]
Interesting discussion on John Beardsworth’s blog. It seems to be in reaction to the O’reilly blog which suggests  a rather cumbersome (to me anyway) method of using multiple catalogs for different subject types. As John points ou [...]
If you’re unsure whether you should be using Lightroom or Bridge, the differences between the two, and if you still need Photoshop, then the PixelPerfect podcast has the answers for you. PixelPerfect Episode 57 – Adobe Photoshop Lightr [...]
A few friends have asked how I manage to turn around my pictures so quickly. I’ve used Adobe Lightroom since it was in beta and now have a workflow process in place that allows  [...]