Just a quick note to let you know that the X= blog has now posted the second part of their article on sharpening in Lightroom. This time they’re looking at export sharpening. Follow the link below to read the full article. X= : Sharpening in [...]
The X= blog has a good post on using Lightroom’s develop tools to sharpen your shots. Whilst previous incarnations of the sharpening tools in Lightroom might have disappointed, the tools available in v2 are much better. Unless you are specif [...]
I’ve updated the Lightroom keyword lists with a new file – Buildings. This contains over 150 keywords covering man-made structures and broken down into the following categories: Agricultural Commercial Educational Government Industrial [...]
Some of my friends occasionally accuse me of having a touch of OCD. I’m not sure about that but I do like to get things in order, and when you have thousands of photographs in your Lightroom catalog its often a good idea to use a standardise [...]
One of my favourite Adobe Lightroom books has been revamped and updated to cover all the new Lightroom goodness that was included in version 2. The author, Mikkel Aaland, uses a similar concept to the first book and one that I think works very wel [...]
I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom since it was in beta form and so my library is getting a little large now and I’ve been thinking of perhaps starting a new catalog in order to speed things up a little. Luckily, Jim Goldstein has just po [...]
Lightroom 2.1 is out to fix a few bugs, improve stability and performance, and provide the last Abode Camera Raw profiles. You should be prompted to download and install the upgrade when you run Lightroom, or you can get it on the Adobe site. One  [...]
So Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 has been out for a while now and I’ve been playing around with some of the new features. One of the less talked about features is Smart Collections and as I’m finding these extremely helpful I thought I&# [...]
Following the beta for Lightroom 2 which was released in April, Adobe have now released the final version 2 of Lightroom. Of course the biggest change between version 1 and 2 is the ability to do local adjustments, changing only part of your image [...]
Following the withdrawal of the Lightroom 1.4 update, Adobe have now announced the release of the corrected update (1.4.1). More information and links to the update below: Lightroom Team Blog  [...]