Scott Kelby has just put up a great post on 10 things he would tell newbie Lightroom users. I’ve listed the ten points below, but would suggest you follow the link to check out the details and further information he provides on each. Use Sol [...]
Things have been a little quite around here as I’ve been working on a new portfolio site (more on that in the future). Something else I’ve been thinking about doing is a series of articles on using Lightroom, so if there’s anythi [...]
I’ve added a new keyword list to my collection of keywords for Lightroom. This time it focuses on terms used to describe weather and associated atmospheric conditions – rain, cloud types, fog/haze, storms, etc. I’m not 100% happy [...]
Lightroom is a great way to manage all your images and speed up your workflow but sometimes, especially if you have a very large catalog, things can slow down. Its already been widely reported (CNET, Scott Kelby) that if you have a large number of [...]
So did you find my link to the Flickr Lightroom Group and the associated list of resources useful? If so, here’s some more! The LightroomLab has a post detailing some more official (and not so official – i.e. Twitter) places where you  [...]
The keyword lists that I created and which are available for free are one of the most popular things on my entire site. Its easy to very quickly end up with a Lightroom catalog with a large number of images in it. If you don’t have a methodi [...]
Well I’m off on my travels again. This time heading to the very north of India to hopefully experience the Phyang Festival in Leh. So whilst I’m gone it might be a little quieter than normal here however I’ve arranged for a varie [...]
The X= Blog has posted the first of a two-parter on using the grayscale sliders in Lightroom. The article covers how to convert a colour image to grayscale in Lightroom and how to use the sliders inside the develop module to best effect to alter t [...]
Just a quick note to let you know that the X+ Blog has just posted a link to all their (rather excellent) presets for Lightroom in one handy dandy package. Follow the link to read more and see examples of each. Grab them while they’re hot! X [...]
Over on the Lightroom Killer Tips blog Matt Kloskowski has just posted an article suggesting that you set the catalog preferences to never back up your Lightroom catalog. The things with the catalog backup is that it is not backing up your images. [...]