Adobe Lightroom 6 Only Compatible with 64-Bit OS
Looks like it might be time to upgrade if you’re still using a 32-bit operating system! Via PetaPixel: Adobe Lightroom 6 Will Only Be Compatible with 64-Bit Operating Systems  [...]
Lightroom 5 – Hidden Gems
Have you upgraded to Lightroom 5 yet? If not you should. Adobe are offering the upgrade price for owners of any previous version of Lightroom, so if you have version 1, 2, 3 or 4 you get the discount. Lightroom 5 has many improvements which you [...]
It seems the beta of Lightroom v5 is now available to download and play with. Being beta software I certainly wouldn’t recommend you using it for your main post production processes but instead you might like to look at some of the new featu [...]
There’s an article over on The Lightroom Lab about a scam artist claiming to have discounted Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 serial numbers left over from a workshop that he can sell at a huge discount. The ads are appears on craigslist mainly i [...]
Just a quick post today… Seven by Five just posted an article on “10+ Lightroom Tips That Can Make a Big Difference”. Normally when I read these sort of articles, unless its when a new version of something has just come out, I te [...]
Great article over on the x-equals blog about how Photoshop could be considered the ultimate plugin for Lightroom. Whilst strictly speaking I think its more of a product integration, I do accept that with many other programs offering Lightroom plu [...]
So by now you probably know that Adobe Lightroom 3 is out. If you’re still sitting on the fence about whether or not to upgrade here’s some reasons you might want to. Brand new import screen makes it much easier to get your photos from [...]
So I keep promising – to you and to myself – to sort out a series of Lightroom tutorials on here. However real life keeps interrupting and as this isn’t my full time job the project keeps getting pushed back. I can only apologise [...]
I’ve discussed it. Many other sites have discussed it. Today it’s Matt Kloskowski’s turn. He’s just posted an article over on his blog – Lightroom Killer Tips – about whether or not use DNG. Like many of the oth [...]
As you may know I use Lightroom quite a bit and the keyword lists I created for Lightroom are one of the most popular things on this site. However its not always easy working your way through the hierarchies of keywords to add them to your images. [...]