This weekend I decided to spend a few days in Paris with a friend. This gave me the opportunity to test my new Sony A7 Mark 2 camera. I had previously used it a little around Dublin but not taken it on holiday yet. One of the main reasons for buyi [...]
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In case you’re not familiar with [...]
Do you know about focusing micro-adjustment on your camera body? For a while now I’ve been thinking that the Canon 24-105 f/4L IS lens I use with my 5D Mk II was focusing a little soft. There were shots I had taken that when viewing them on  [...]
Sometimes, despite all the advances in camera technology and the increase in mega-pixels and sensor size, its the simpler things that bring the most joy! This is definitely the case with one Flickr user – Dippold – who has shared a tem [...]
As you’ve probably seen the firmware upgrade for the EOS 5D Mk II is now available (link below). Whilst most of the news and blog posts have focused on the additional of a function to allow manual exposure control when shooting HD Movies is  [...]
by FJTU (a veces on-line) Following my previous post about increases in the use of and equipment for taking videos on your DSLR I thought I’d post something for those of you that don’t have the ability to record video. DPS has just pos [...]
It’s surely a sign of a maturing martket when accessories start to be produced for something. With the increasing number of DSLRs that now allow you to take video such as Nikon’s D90 and D5000 and Canon’s 5D Mk II and 500D, it se [...]
Look what arrived in the post for me yesterday! After waiting for quite a while I’ve finally upgraded to a Canon 5D Mk II. I haven’t really had chance to sit down and have a serious play with it yet but I plan to try and get out this w [...]
Well news broke yesterday evening that Canon had a new camera out, with CNET apparently jumping the gun and posting a video review before Canon even made an announcement. But now its official. The features of the new camera, pretty much aimed at t [...]
The Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Annual Show was held this year at the Las Vegas Convention Center last week and of course there’s been a multitude of announcements from all the camera manufacturers. As always Digital Photography Review [...]