There’s no such thing as “correct” composition, just bad composition, good composition, and inspired composition. When you first start getting a little more serious about photography it’s highly likely that you’ll start to encounter the core set o [...]
One of my favourite authors over at Craft & Vision is Andrew S Gibson. He’s produced some great books on black and white photography which I’ve previously recommended. So I’m more than happy to mention his latest work “ [...]
After initially setting up Craft & Vision and publishing his own collection of eBooks David duChemin has since taken a break and allowed other authors to step forward and talk about their processes to develop technique and improve your persona [...]
Those of you that regularly read my blog (although I apologise – there’s not been much regular about it of late!) will know that I like black and white photography. Its where I started back when I used to shoot film and even now in tod [...]
“It’s relatively easy to take a sharp, well-exposed photo with the latest digital cameras. But how do you take it a step further and capture an image that encompasses the mood you felt at the time? I’m convinced that any photographer genuine [...]
After the earliest heavy snowfall for a long time, and its subsequent thaw, it looks like the UK is heading back to the depths of winter and possibly a rare white Christmas too. However this sort of weather frustrates me! I’m lucky enough to [...]
Regular readers of this blog will know I love David duChemin’s eBooks over at Craft and Vision and he’s got a new release – The Vision Driven Photographer. Vision is something David pushes quite strongly and I posted a while back [...]
I know it was only a few posts back that I last mentioned a Craft & Vision book, but these guys are extremely productive and have produced yet another eBook. (You know I wouldn’t mention them if they weren’t any good!) This time it [...]
A friend of mine travelled to Japan a few years ago. However upon their return they complained that while they were in Tokyo the weather was wet and dark and they couldn’t get any good photos. I was amazed as somewhere with all that neon and [...]
How much would you expect to pay for a great book that teaches you and provides tips, tools and technical advice whilst inspiring you at the same time? $30? $20? $10? If you’d like all this for just $5 then I’ve got a great post for yo [...]