I never intended to be a landscape photographer, but then I’m not sure I really ever set out to become any one kind of photographer at all – David duChemin.  [...]
After the previous huge Craft & Vision book last month, complete with its own tutorial files and Photoshop add-in, this month’s offering is scaled back and simple but still a great little resource. Nicole Young’s book “Finding Focus̶ [...]
Way back (longer than I care to remember!) I used to take photos on film and develop then myself. So when people complain that digital tools like Photoshop are cheating and that you couldn’t do that with film I enjoy pointing out that you co [...]
When I travel I always try to take a range of shots – wide angle scene setters, medium length interest shots, and close up detail. As a result I love local markets as the stalls inevitably have a great collection of things to shoot. However the cl [...]
With the explosion of digital photography and reduction in the use of film, many of us no longer have albums of our work we can show people and there’s a risk we end up with a hard disk crammed full of images that are never viewed. However i [...]
Those that know me will be aware that I’m not great at taking photos of people. Some of my early travel photography excluded the human form to such an extent that people I was travelling with used to joke I had Photoshop in my camera and use [...]
If you are a landscape photographer I think you’ll like the latest Craft & Vision eBook by Michael Frye. In it he covers the exposure trinity of Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed with a specific focus on landscape photography. As an added  [...]
I’ve shot on both film – where I used to develop my own black and white prints – and now shoot on digital. With film, you had to at least develop your negatives, and usually enlarge and print them in order to see the final result. However with dig [...]
You know how much I like the Craft and Vision series of eBooks setup and run by David duChemin and I know you like them too from the clicks through to their site I see. So today I’m happy to say they’ve given us all an early Christmas  [...]
Andrew S Gibson has been busy of late. As well as running a great website, organising workshops and travelling he still finds time to produce great eBooks packed full of tips. Hot on the heels of his most recent Craft & Vision book “Beyond Thi [...]