The carousel shot I posted a few entries ago has truly been one of my most popular shots for quite a while. Personally this surprised me as I’ve seen loads of examples of very similar shots, but hey, if people like it I’m happy. Howeve [...]
For those of you that read my blog frequently you’ll know what that I often link to the Magical Places Fine Art blog. Today I am again linking to one of their interviews with a photographer however I think you will find it a real treat. The  [...]
Digital Photography School has just posted a top ten list of tips when shooting a conference. I know some of my Flickr contacts often attend events as the photographer (official or otherwise) so I thought I’d link to it here. Included in the [...]
The Magical Place Fine Art blog has posted another of its interviews. This time with travel photographer David Duchemin who does a lot of work for NGOs. What motivates me is the children I meet assignment after assignment. I was just in Nepal work [...]
DP Review has posted some interesting interviews with the key people from the major camera manufacturers that they managed to get at this years Photokina. Whilst the interviewees are understandably tight lipped about future plans and developments  [...]
The Magical Place Fine Art blog has posted another in its series of excellent interviews with photographers. This time the interview is with photojournalist Charlie Mahoney. Charlie Mahoney documented the lives of African immigrants living rough o [...]
Everywhere magazine, made by the same people that bring you JPG magazine, published an article in issue 4 that I had written following my trip to Jordan last Christmas, along with some photos I had taken whilst there. Rather disappointingly this w [...]
The Magical Places Fine Art blog continues its series of interviews with Photographers of note and this week features an interview with Chris Coe, founder of the Travel Photographer of the Year Competition. Included in the article: What are your t [...]
The Beyond Megapixels website has a good article on exposure basics. For those of you who dare not venture beyond the fully auto mode on your camera now’s your chance! Most of the time I tend to shoot in aperture priority mode but I’m  [...]
The online photography magazine, Magical Places Fine Art, has an interview with adventurer and photographer Harry Kikstra. Whilst I love to travel and document my trips with my photography, Harry takes things to an all new level, producing some ex [...]