Scott Kelby has just put up a great post on 10 things he would tell newbie Lightroom users. I’ve listed the ten points below, but would suggest you follow the link to check out the details and further information he provides on each. Use Sol [...]
The book by David DuChemin called “Within the Frame” is about finding and expressing your photographic vision, specifically where people, places, and cultures are concerned. The book on its own is great and I can highly recommend it. H [...]
The X= Blog has posted the first of a two-parter on using the grayscale sliders in Lightroom. The article covers how to convert a colour image to grayscale in Lightroom and how to use the sliders inside the develop module to best effect to alter t [...]
Over on the Flickr Travel Photography group, a simple question on tips to get the best travel shots turned into a discussion on the subject of appearing in your travel shots. Some of the group members thought it funny seeing tourists positioning t [...]
So another Digital Photography School post (yes I know!) however this time DPS has posted an article on 7 steps to becoming a confident photographer. I’m not going to go into each step in detail (the links below) however these are the steps: [...]
I’ve just read a great article over on the xequals+blog which supports how I’ve been working with my photos for a while now. Their basic premise is that if you shoot in RAW and have Lightroom, then you shouldn’t really need to us [...]
Which format do you prefer to shoot in? RAW or JPEG? I ask as there’s an interesting discussion going on over on the Digital Photography School forums. Raw image files are sometimes called digital negatives, as they fulfil the same role as n [...]
The last couple of posts have talked about travel photography, but you don’t have to travel far or even go overseas to get great shots. If you’re visiting a new city (or even popping into town) why not try and do some street photograph [...]
The Magical Places Fine Art blog has posted another interview this week, this time with travel photographer and writer Steve Davey. Steve is the author of the best-selling book Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die. Steve makes his living by  [...]
As I’m away travelling and taking photos over this holiday period I though I would post some information and links on travel photography. Photography and travel just go together so well – from the cheap and cheerful holiday snaps, to t [...]