In an earlier post I talked about how the definitions o [...]
Not that long ago, before digital photography took off, and wh [...]
Back when I first started in photography I shot on black and white film. It was cheape [...]
I’ve just read an interesting post about photography myths that suggests the main one is: …the belief that the ultimate goal in photography is to get a pretty picture. Not just any pretty picture, the prettiest of pretty pictures, the  [...]
Sometimes, despite all the advances in camera technology and the increase in mega-pixels and sensor size, its the simpler things that bring the most joy! This is definitely the case with one Flickr user – Dippold – who has shared a tem [...]
When I first starte [...]
Now-a-days with increased use of digital cameras its far easier to post-process images without having to know your chemicals and the sometimes arcane skill set you needed to do similar things in the dark room. However just because you can Photosho [...]
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The Digital Photography School site has posted an article on “An Introduction to Creative Commons Licensing for Your Photographs” and whilst its a useful resource and I respect the work the Creative Commons organisation is doing, I hav [...]
See what I did there? No… well read on. You will… Firstly, there’s a great write up over on the X= blog about why you should import and convert your photos to Adobe’s DNG format. Definitely worth a read. Secondly, apologies [...]