I always get a little annoyed by those who look down their nose at Photoshop exclaiming that something that has been post-processed in the software is not a “real” photograph (whatever that is). I started my journey in photography shoo [...]
If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut creatively now we’re well and truly post summer holidays but pre Christmas you might like to check out an article by Andrew Gibson over on the Digital Photography School website. In the first part of a [...]
I wanted to share a documentary with you that’s just been posted to the Canon Professional Network site. It follows the legendary photographer Don McCullin, who traditionally has always shot on film, as he makes a transition to using the dig [...]
I’ve seen a lot of articles recently about charging for your work. There was a write up on how to sell your images online on the DPS site, a bit of a discussion in my local Flickr group and an article on PetaPixel about why you shouldn’ [...]
The other day I reviewed the new Craft & Vision book, Up Close by Andrew S Gibson and in that mentioned that he included some case studies. Particularly one on the work of Mandy Disher who produces some amazing macro shots of insects on plants [...]
Over on Digital Photography School there’s an article today called “How Post-Processing Helped Me Become a Better Photograph [...]
Once again I’ll be heading off over the holiday season and once again it’s to what some may not think of as a typical tourist destination – Beirut, and more generally Lebanon. However as a photographer I think it’s important to push ourselves and  [...]
Travel photography can be great… flying around the world, experiencing different [...]
I finished reading David duChemin’s Vision and Voice book a few weeks b [...]
Sometimes I set out without a clue what I’m going to shoot. I pick a destination, pack my camera bag with a selection of items I hope will cover most eventualities, and head off not knowing what I’m going to find. I’m also sure I [...]