I’m still working my way through my photos (1,100+ is a lot to sort through and process!) but I’ve just about finished those from the first part of my recent trip in Chile so I though I’d post a couple here for you all. The photo [...]
When I travel I always try to take a range of shots – wide angle scene setters, medium length interest shots, and close up detail. As a result I love local markets as the stalls inevitably have a great collection of things to shoot. However the cl [...]
I’m wrapping up my South American trip. The photo above is of the Uyuni salt flats. A very surreal place! It’s been an amazing trip and if you ever get the opportunity to go to Bolivia I would highly recommend it. Today was the trip to [...]
The latest and greatest version of the Adobe products are due to be released very soon (I’d guess at middle of next month). However to complicate things Adobe has introduced a new concept for CS6 – the Creative Cloud. The Creative Clou [...]
With the explosion of digital photography and reduction in the use of film, many of us no longer have albums of our work we can show people and there’s a risk we end up with a hard disk crammed full of images that are never viewed. However i [...]
Well it looks like it won’t be long now until Adobe CS6 is out. You can already download the beta for Photoshop CS6 from the Adobe Labs site. However if you’re not a fan of installing beta/pre-release software then the Digital Photogra [...]
Just a couple of years ago, if you were in the UK and taking photos in London (almost anywhere in London it seemed) you would be stopped by the Police and questioned about what you were doing. There were reports all over the web from photographers [...]
Those that know me will be aware that I’m not great at taking photos of people. Some of my early travel photography excluded the human form to such an extent that people I was travelling with used to joke I had Photoshop in my camera and use [...]
Spirit is an annual street theatre performance held in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire each winter. I was wowed when I first attended two years ago and saw Spanish performers Sarruga and their fire-breathing Dragons, chased around the town centre by brav [...]
If you are a landscape photographer I think you’ll like the latest Craft & Vision eBook by Michael Frye. In it he covers the exposure trinity of Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed with a specific focus on landscape photography. As an added  [...]