I never intended to be a landscape photographer, but then I’m not sure I really ever set out to become any one kind of photographer at all – David duChemin.  [...]
Travel Photography and Respecting Other Cultures
Short post but I wanted to highlight this recent story where a Sri Lankan court has given suspended jail terms to three French tourists for “wounding the religious feelings of Buddhists by taking pictures deemed insulting”. Whilst what [...]
I’ve seen a lot of articles recently about charging for your work. There was a write up on how to sell your images online on the DPS site, a bit of a discussion in my local Flickr group and an article on PetaPixel about why you shouldn’ [...]
After the previous huge Craft & Vision book last month, complete with its own tutorial files and Photoshop add-in, this month’s offering is scaled back and simple but still a great little resource. Nicole Young’s book “Finding Focus̶ [...]
It was Leeds Pride last weekend and I wandered down to photograph the parade and see what was going on. Unfortunately the weather turned atrocious with thunder, lightning and extremely heavy rain so I didn’t hang around for too long as I did [...]
Photography on Kickstarter
In case you’re not familiar with [...]
Way back (longer than I care to remember!) I used to take photos on film and develop then myself. So when people complain that digital tools like Photoshop are cheating and that you couldn’t do that with film I enjoy pointing out that you co [...]
(Old Wooden Jetty, Lake Titicaca) I’ve finally finished my photos from my South America trip and you can view them on my portfolio site over at ImportedLight.com. If you’re rather jump straight to a specific gallery you can find the li [...]
The above shot is from Bolivia, just across the border from Chile with the Volcano Licancabur in the background. I’ve almost finished my photos so hopefully the galleries will be up soon.  [...]
The other day I reviewed the new Craft & Vision book, Up Close by Andrew S Gibson and in that mentioned that he included some case studies. Particularly one on the work of Mandy Disher who produces some amazing macro shots of insects on plants [...]