I’ve been a bit uninspired of late hence the lack of photos (and posts). But in thinking about what to write for this site, I started thinking about what inspires us. For me the one thing that is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing is tr [...]
If you like to do astro-photography – shooting images of the sky at night – one of the key things you need to do is avoid light pollution from nearby cities, factories, etc. There are several sites that help you to identify those areas [...]
Just a quick note to let you know that National Geographic, long the favourite of photographers and praised for its imagery, is currently offering their complete back-copy on 7 DVDs for jsut $25. From their site: Browse 123 years of National Geogr [...]
In November last year, David duChemin and the team at Craft & Vision launched a quarterly digital publication showcasing great image portfolios alongside informative and useful articles on technique and vision. Three months have passed and tru [...]
With the explosion of web sites to share your photos, everything from Flickr and Facebook to self hosted portfolios, it become easier for someone to “acquire” your images for their own use. Of course if you really want to stop people s [...]
I’ve posted a few articles recently about how the majority of things people do in Photoshop could also have been done in the dark room back in even the earliest days of film photography. I discovered another great example of what is possible [...]
The argument rages on about what exactly is a photograph in this age of digital photography. Over on Popular Photography a couple of winners in a recent competition were composite images and the magazine’s editor-in-chief Miriam Leuchter had to pu [...]
Welcome to 2013 everyone! To start the new year I’ve made some changes to the design of my site. The reason for these was mainly to try to standardise some things. As the site has grown over the years (can you believe I started this blog in  [...]
I always get a little annoyed by those who look down their nose at Photoshop exclaiming that something that has been post-processed in the software is not a “real” photograph (whatever that is). I started my journey in photography shoo [...]
I purchased the Lee Big Stopper filter the other day and today was a perfect day to test it. Very windy, with clouds scuttling overhead. The above shot is one of the Henry Moore pieces that sits within the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I also took som [...]