A month or so ago I purchased the book Photoshop Lightroom Adventure by Mikkel Aaland and I’m pleased to report it was an excellent purchase. The background to the book is that twelve top-notch professionals took the latest version of Lightr [...]
There’s an interesting article on Terry White’s Tech Blog about his experiences using the Sony GPS device for digital cameras. The concept seems simple and the implementation very easy, but reading the article and associated comments I [...]
As reported by Engadget: Canon users have just recently begun to catch on to the charms of a firmware hack that’s been around for a while now. The hack promises to unlock several advanced features of Canon’s DIGIC II processor, not the [...]
The other week I decided a need a break and so a friend and I headed off to Italy, specifically Venice. Italy is one of the few places in the Mediterranean that I haven’t been to so I was looking forward to it. When you look at a map  [...]