For those of you lucky enough to have one of these, Canon has released firmware version 1.1.3 for its EOS-1D Mark III DSLR. The firmware update (Version 1.1.3) incorporates the following improvements and fixes. Increases transmission speed when us [...]
Following my earlier post questioning whether the genre of Travel Photography was dead, the DPS has decided its not and has posted some links and advice for those wanting to get great photos. These include: Photographing People – Asking Perm [...]
With version 1.3 of Lightroom, the export dialog has changed to allow plugins to be developed. There are now three plugins that allow you to automatically export to: Flickr Smugmug Zenfolio (Follow the links above to download them)  [...]
Interesting discussion on John Beardsworth’s blog. It seems to be in reaction to the O’reilly blog which suggests  a rather cumbersome (to me anyway) method of using multiple catalogs for different subject types. As John points ou [...]
If you’re unsure whether you should be using Lightroom or Bridge, the differences between the two, and if you still need Photoshop, then the PixelPerfect podcast has the answers for you. PixelPerfect Episode 57 – Adobe Photoshop Lightr [...]
I came across an interesting article on the Pixelated Image blog today. The basic premise of the article is that travel photography, as a genre, is dead. What people heralding the death of travel photography mean is that it’s a market that&# [...]
Following my earlier post linking to a review of three GPS trackers, a friend of mine from Flickr went ahead and bought the GisTeq PhotoTrackr device. It seems the device does everything you want., There are some small additional steps required to [...]
A few friends have asked how I manage to turn around my pictures so quickly. I’ve used Adobe Lightroom since it was in beta and now have a workflow process in place that allows  [...]
BeyondLimits sculpture exhibition at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire  [...]