Guatemala, 2006  [...]
Egypt, 2005  [...]
Cambodia, 2004  [...]
As you read this I’ll be jetting off to the Middle East (don’t you just love scheduled posts!) Every year I try to get away for the holidays and of course the camera goes with me. This year I’m off to Jordan for some hopefully im [...]
According to Swedish Canon VP Robert Westin, Canon is going to announce a new DSLR next year at the Photo Marketing Association trade show (more commonly known as the PMA). There’s always a history of the big players releasing new models at  [...]
I found of late that I tend to shoot quite a lot of sculpture, especially living so close to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, however I often get home to find I’m disappointed with many of my shots. So its interesting to see that Digital Photog [...]
Now regular readers will probably note I’m a bit of a Adobe Lightroom fan. I think its great, not only for managing your workflow, from import through developing to print, but it is also good as a library tool, helping you to catalog and org [...]
Lightroom and Camera Raw will be updated to 1.3.1 and 4.3.1 respectively within the next week.  These updates provide corrections for issues introduced in the last release as well as additional Lightroom Leopard compatibility. Read the full s [...]
The SlideShowPro tool is now available as a plugin for the web module of Adobe Lightroom. The tool allows you to create Flash slideshows from your photo collections using just the familar Lightroom interface. Its all self contained and you donR [...]
I’ve discovered a new website that aims to turn your existing photo slideshows into something with a little more, well, pizazz! The site is called Animoto, and you basically load your photos, select a soundtrack, and here’s the differe [...]