This weekend I decided to spend a few days in Paris with a friend. This gave me the opportunity to test my new Sony A7 Mark 2 camera. I had previously used it a little around Dublin but not taken it on holiday yet. One of the main reasons for buyi [...]
Before There Was Photoshop
I’ve often talked on my blog about how, after historically shooting and processing black and white film, I know that many of the tools you get in Photoshop replicate things you can actually do in the darkroom. I even posted a while back abou [...]
Adobe Lightroom 6 Only Compatible with 64-Bit OS
Looks like it might be time to upgrade if you’re still using a 32-bit operating system! Via PetaPixel: Adobe Lightroom 6 Will Only Be Compatible with 64-Bit Operating Systems  [...]
8 Photo Tutorials
Over on 500px ISO (a great resource to learn and find the backstory to some of the stunning photography that appears on 500px) Jimmy Mcintyre has posted links to 8 awesome YouTube tutorials that he considers are the best from 2014. The tutorials c [...]
Over on the Canon Professional Network there’s a nice little article on shooting hyperlapse videos by Belgian photographer Matthew Vandeputte. For those not familiar with the term, its similar to a timelapse (multiple shots taken over time a [...]
12 Hardest Places To Visit On Earth
  The 500px blog has just posted a an article on the 12 hardest places to visit. I like to travel to slightly unusual places and some of their 12 are certainly on my list but I’m not sure I’d define them as hard to get to. Some ar [...]
The Image Story
Have you ever seen a photograph and wondered how it was taken? I’m not talking about the dry technical details here but the real story behind the image. How it came to be. Well a new site just launched aims to help you find out more. The Ima [...]
You all know I love my photography but it’s not my 9-5 day job. That’s working as a data analyst for a large multinational. So hearing about a Lightroom plugin that combines photography and analytics I had to check it out! The Lightroo [...]
London Calling
A view down the Thames from Canary Wharf to the city as a storm rolls in.
I’ve been extremely bad at posting things of late, but don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten you all! Over at Digital Photography School they’ve got a nice little article on the 10 Most Common Mistakes in Landscape Photography.  [...]