8 Photo Tutorials

Over on 500px ISO (a great resource to learn and find the backstory to some of the stunning photography that appears on 500px) Jimmy Mcintyre has posted links to 8 awesome YouTube tutorials that he considers are the best from 2014.

The tutorials cover:

  1. A Powerful Method For Blending Exposures Without HDR Software
  2. 5 Photoshop Blend Modes That Can Change An Image Within Seconds
  3. How To Create A Natural Beam of Light In Photoshop
  4. Wineglass Splash Studio Photography Tutorial
  5. 7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects
  6. How to do Hyperlapse Photography
  7. Enhance Texture and Detail with Intelligent High Pass Sharpening, and
  8. Fantasy Floating Woman Photo-Manipulation Tutorial

Check out all the details, complete with links to the videos here: 500px ISO – 8 Awesome YouTube Tutorials Every Photographer Should See