12 Hardest Places To Visit On Earth


The 500px blog has just posted a an article on the 12 hardest places to visit. I like to travel to slightly unusual places and some of their 12 are certainly on my list but I’m not sure I’d define them as hard to get to.

Some are more unusual than difficult to travel to – Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia. But there are some that take more planning such as Syria (I was on the border last year but not sure I want to go there just yet), Afghanistan (was planning a trip there this year but postponed) and Angola.

Despite the slightly misleading (in my opinion) title its still worth checking out as it includes some wonderful photography from the countries it lists.

For me – I’ve planned my trips for this year. I’ll be visiting Armenia, Georgia and Mongolia. So look out for photos from those countries later in the year.

500px Blog: 12 Hardest Places To Visit On Earth