crunching_progressYou all know I love my photography but it’s not my 9-5 day job. That’s working as a data analyst for a large multinational. So hearing about a Lightroom plugin that combines photography and analytics I had to check it out!

The Lightroom Analytics plugin reviews your library and produces reports based on the metadata contained within your images. That data is already sort of viewable if you use the metadata filters in the library module but this exposes it, allows you to download it as a comma separated values (CSV) file for use in Excel or similar tools, and uses this same data to produce a report on a variety of key metrics:

  • Find out which camera and lenses you used the most.
  • Plot your aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed usage: check whether you would need larger aperture lenses or a camera with better high ISO capability.
  • Analyze your develop settings in Lightroom: tone adjustments, Colour HSL adjustments, Black and White mix, Split toning and effects.
  • Find out your common settings and make them into a preset.
  • Analyze the usage of every single lens you’ve got.

The plugin is free and you can download it from the Lightroom Analytics site. Have fun!