The Desert Before Us

I’ve been to enough deserts in my time. They’re certainly a challenge to photograph. Despite the image most people have of deserts being golden dunes disappearing into the distance, in reality they are usually rather more boring and combination of low scrub, rocks, stones and sand with little in the way of beauty to inspire you. However there are a few locations where you can see the more classic images of a desert. But when you only have sand before you it can be a serious challenge both to keep your camera clean and safe and to compose an interesting shot.

Over at the Digital Photography School site, guest writer Kav Dadfar has listed six tips to help you get better desert shots:

  1. Get the right light
  2. Find a point of interest
  3. Look for patterns, shapes and lines
  4. Tell a story in your shot
  5. Look for the unusual or out of place
  6. Take good care of your equipment

Whilst many of these can apply to any photography you are doing they are especially important when presented with such a blank canvas as a desert stretching away in front of you to the horizon. Click the link below to view the article in full.

DPS: 6 Tips for Photographing Deserts