A short while ago I posted about how I was feeling a little uninspired, but was looking forward to and planning my next trip – to Turkey. Since then it seems the web has been awash with posts about overcoming photographers block (I’m sure it had nothing to do with my post!).

The Digital Photography School site posted an article on “10 Tips To Get Over Photographer’s Block“. In it they talk about:

  1. pushing yourself regardless of mistakes you might make
  2. getting outside your comfort zone
  3. spending time with like-minded photographers
  4. attending a class
  5. ideas for seeking inspiration
  6. becoming a mentor to another photographer
  7. going somewhere and getting lost (on purpose)
  8. concentrating on a theme
  9. starting a new project
  10. trying new gear

Additionally, the (very good) photo sharing site 500px published an article on its blog called “7 Ways to Combat Photographer’s Block“. Their suggestions sort of align with those from DPS:

  1. Just go out and start shooting
  2. Pick a colour and focus on that
  3. Photograph feelings
  4. Try street photography
  5. Try technical shots you haven’t done before
  6. Visit somewhere new (clearly my favourite!)
  7. Collaborate