As digital cameras become more popular the number of people with DSLRs is slowly growing, but how many of those keep the camera on its “auto” setting for the majority of the time? In perhaps an attempt to get their customers using more [...]
It seems the beta of Lightroom v5 is now available to download and play with. Being beta software I certainly wouldn’t recommend you using it for your main post production processes but instead you might like to look at some of the new featu [...]
A short while ago I posted about how I was feeling a little uninspired, but was looking forward to and planning my next trip – to Turkey. Since then it seems the web has been awash with posts about overcoming photographers block (I’m s [...]
Hey people. A bit of a treat for you today. Craft and Vision (who as any reader of this blog knows I love) have released a new eBook for free. Yes that’s right! Free, gratis, at no cost what so ever! Craft and Vision II contains 9 articles c [...]