I’ve been a bit uninspired of late hence the lack of photos (and posts). But in thinking about what to write for this site, I started thinking about what inspires us.

For me the one thing that is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing is travel. As soon as I settle on a destination I begin researching it, looking at what photos others have taken there – both as a means of seeing what sort of lenses/equipment I might need, and to think about how to avoid the clichéd shots if it’s a popular location. I check maps for my route and plan the journey. I’ve got two trips planned for this year – one around the edge of Eastern Turkey along its borders with Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria (should be interesting!), and another to Burma later in the year. So I’m already thinking about these.

But even when I’m not travelling there are things that inspire me. Ever since 500px launched I’ve been amazed at the quality of the photography on the site. I’d strongly recommend following the 500px blog as they post a “week in review” every Monday highlighting a selection of superb images uploaded to the site. Other inspirational blogs I follow include Petapixel, Pixelated Image (David duChemin), and the New York Times photography blog – Lens.

Other times I think you just have to accept you’re uninspired and head out with your camera, not really expecting to shoot much at all, and seeing what you find. Sometimes they turn out to be the best days.

What inspires you and your photography? Let me know in the comments.