In November last year, David duChemin and the team at Craft & Vision launched a quarterly digital publication showcasing great image portfolios alongside informative and useful articles on technique and vision. Three months have passed and true to its name, the second edition of “Photograph Quarterly” has now been released.

Subsequent issues of a periodical like this are always a challenge. Was the initial release a one off, or can the quality of both the images and articles remain as high as the first issue?

This issue includes another three great photo portfolios followed by photographer Q&As – nature and landscapes by Martin Bailey, African animals and safari shots by Andy Biggs and a series of portraits by Chris Orwig – along with eleven articles covering everything from Creative Composition and using Natural Light through to The Art of the Print and an introduction to food photography in  Simple Sushi Session.


Being the Lightroom geek that I am I especially like the article Before + After by Piet van Den Eynde. In this he takes a photo from a recent trip and shot on a compact camera (he wanted to travel light as was on his bike!) and talks about how the vastly improved RAW converters in software such as Lightroom 4 (and as Piet says, if you’ve not upgraded to v4 yet then do) mean you can extract far more from your image which previously would have required extended sessions in Photoshop or even HDR techniques.

So does this second instalment live up to the promise of the first? I think it does. The breadth of the content means that it’s unlikely everyone will like everything, but as with issue 1 there are individual articles and portfolios that most people will like and find interesting and as such I would again recommend it. I know traditionally Craft & Vision (as their name implies) focus mainly on your personal creative approach to photography, but “Photograph Quarterly” is a great mix of inspiration, creative advice and technical pointers.

You can buy a single stand-alone issue for $8 or alternatively you can purchase a full year subscription – four issues from the date you purchase – for just $24 (a 25% saving on the individual price).

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