If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut creatively now we’re well and truly post summer holidays but pre Christmas you might like to check out an article by Andrew Gibson over on the Digital Photography School website. In the first part of a two-part article “12 Ways to Inspire the Creative Photographer Inside You” Andrew covers the first 6 suggestions to help you shoot more creatively. They include:

  1. Reading a photography book
  2. Using a new lens
  3. Taking a photo holiday
  4. Being more critical
  5. Entering a photographic competition
  6. Setting yourself a photography project

He expands on each and provides links where appropriate to other material to help you.

And if you like Andrew Gibson’s creative slat on things, he’s also just released a new book over on Craft & Vision. “Slow: The Magic of Long Exposure Photography” explores the technique of longer than normal shutter speeds. This can pose a challenge as the final image is unlikely to be what you can see with your eye and so you need to move from recording the scene to interpreting it and having an understanding of what is going to happen over time. The book covers many techniques and creative possibilities around slow shutter speeds including capturing motion blur, panning, slow-sync flash and deliberate camera movement.

“Slow: The Magic of Long Exposure Photography” is available on the Craft & Vision site for US$5.