I never intended to be a landscape photographer, but then I’m not sure I really ever set out to become any one kind of photographer at all – David duChemin.

A large amount of the photography I do as I travel around tends to be landscapes. Although I frequently include urban scenes, and I’m trying to take more people shots, it’s the landscapes that tend to be my favourites. So it’s nice to see that the latest book from the Craft & Vision stable is “Portraits of Earth – An Introduction to Landscape Photography” by David duChemin.

After the introduction David breaks the subject into 7 key areas:

  1. Gear – lenses, filters, tripods
  2. Light – soft, hard, direct, indirect
  3. Lines – composition considerations
  4. Land – tips and tricks when shooting solid ground
  5. Water – considerations when shooting moving or still water
  6. Snow – ways to get your whites white
  7. Detail – a reminder to see the smaller things

Even though I’ve been shooting landscapes for while it was useful to see various tips and tricks explained again and the book contains information that will be useful for both the beginner and the experienced photographer (don’t let the “introduction” part of the title put you off!).

Light is, in some way or another, responsible for everything in the photograph – colour is a function of light, so is shadow, and contrast. We respond emotionally to the warm light of golden hour, to the deep blues of twilight, and the crimson of a great sunset. So too do we respond to the shrouding effect of fog and the heavy close-squatting feel of a thunderhead.

Overall “Portraits of Earth” is a collection of lessons, learned through experience and shared so we can all benefit from a bit of a head start in our landscape photography. If you’ve ever read any of David duChemin’s larger books – Within the Frame, Vision & Voice – then you will recognise in this eBook the focus on skills to communicate a vision, as opposed to technical gear-related advice, which runs through much of his approach to photography.

As always with Craft & Vision there’s an offer for the first few days. If you buy “Portraits of Earth” you can get it for US$4 (usual price $5) by using the code EARTH4 or buy 5 or more books at Craft & Vision and use the code EARTH20 to get 20% off. These codes expire at 11:59pm (PST) September 9, 2012 (check your timezone here).

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