I’ve seen a lot of articles recently about charging for your work. There was a write up on how to sell your images online on the DPS site, a bit of a discussion in my local Flickr group and an article on PetaPixel about why you shouldn’t under-charge. But it can be difficult to know what to charge if you’re not a professional doing this all the time.

There are a couple of resources I usually turn to when I want to get an idea of how much a photo is worth. These are:

  • The UK’s National Union of Journalists site, and
  • The UK Freelance Fees Guide

(Obviously costs may vary slightly depending on where in the world you’re based)

If you’re ever approached by someone wanting to use your images, make sure you ask the following five questions as the answers can have a huge impact on your price.

  1. The final image size to be used
  2. The type of publication (magazine, online, etc)
  3. The geographical area the image will be used within (globally, US only, etc)
  4. How long they wish to use your image (6 months, a year)
  5. Do they want exclusive use (you can’t sell that image to anyone else for the license period)

For a pretty amazing story about how a wedding photographer was originally going to quote just US$1,000 and ended up getting US$18,000 check out this story on the Photographer’s Business Coach site. The moral of the story? Don’t under-sell yourself!