Travel Photography and Respecting Other Cultures
Short post but I wanted to highlight this recent story where a Sri Lankan court has given suspended jail terms to three French tourists for “wounding the religious feelings of Buddhists by taking pictures deemed insulting”. Whilst what [...]
I’ve seen a lot of articles recently about charging for your work. There was a write up on how to sell your images online on the DPS site, a bit of a discussion in my local Flickr group and an article on PetaPixel about why you shouldn’ [...]
After the previous huge Craft & Vision book last month, complete with its own tutorial files and Photoshop add-in, this month’s offering is scaled back and simple but still a great little resource. Nicole Young’s book “Finding Focus̶ [...]
It was Leeds Pride last weekend and I wandered down to photograph the parade and see what was going on. Unfortunately the weather turned atrocious with thunder, lightning and extremely heavy rain so I didn’t hang around for too long as I did [...]
Photography on Kickstarter
In case you’re not familiar with [...]