When I travel I always try to take a range of shots – wide angle scene setters, medium length interest shots, and close up detail. As a result I love local markets as the stalls inevitably have a great collection of things to shoot. However the close up shots are still something I have to work on and I often come back with photos that showed promise at the time but never quite turned out how I was hoping. So it’s with interest that the latest Craft & Vision book “Up Close” by Andrew S Gibson focuses on exactly this subject.

The book, whilst covering macro photography, also look at just shooting things as close as you can, including ways you can get your lens to focus nearer to an object than normal. Andrew is a regular traveller and has written several other articles and eBooks and I’ve previously noticed in these that he often gets close to things, singling out specific details or elements.

The book is 90 pages (so great value) and is roughly split into three sections – equipment, technique and lighting. There’s also lots of Andrew’s work shown amongst the pages to give you inspiration.

The equipment section covers the various types of lenses you can use – dedicated macro lenses, close-up filters, reverse lenses and extension tubes – covering the how’s, why’s and pro and cons of each. I’ve already got some extension tubes (but need to use them more) however I will certainly be looking into the close-up filters too after reading this! Technique covers focusing, stabilisation, depth of field, again with many clear examples of how the various settings will affect the final image. Finally the lighting section goes over natural light, flash, and the effect of using polarising filters.

This is a great book to add to your collection and whether you’re a wedding, fashion, nature or travel photographer I would certainly recommend it in order to help improve those shots when you’re up close and personal trying to capture specific details. It also almost worth buying just for the gorgeous example images Andrew has included from his own portfolio and the case studies of work by Mandy Disher (amazing insect shots) and Celine Steen (mouth-watering food photography).

As always, there’s a discount for the first few days. Use the code CLOSE4 to get the book for just $4 or CLOSE20 to get 20% off when buying 5 or more books from Craft & Vision. These codes will expire  at 11:59pm (PST) on June 24, 2012 (check your timezone here).

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