I’m still working my way through my photos (1,100+ is a lot to sort through and process!) but I’ve just about finished those from the first part of my recent trip in Chile so I though I’d post a couple here for you all.

The photo above was taken part way up San Cristobal hill as the sun was setting over the capital, Santiago. The mountains were still lit up but the rest of the city below was beginning to fade into darkness. The partly finished skyscraper to the right is the “Gran Torre Santiago” and is (already) the tallest in Latin America. Considering the earthquakes the city gets I’m not sure of the wisdom of this!

The photo below is the Geysers at Tatio far in the North of Chile. We had a very early morning start (4.30am) for the long drive from San Pedro de Atacama to the Geysers as the steam looks best first thing whilst it is still cold. In fact it was so cold there were pools of ice amongst the boiling water!

I’ll be posting all three countries – Chile, Bolivia and Peru – to my ImportedLight site once I’ve finished all the photos, but in the meantime may post the odd shot here. If you haven’t checked out my other site recently go have a look as its had a bit of a make-over.