The other day I reviewed the new Craft & Vision book, Up Close by Andrew S Gibson and in that mentioned that he included some case studies. Particularly one on the work of Mandy Disher who produces some amazing macro shots of insects on plants [...]
I’m still working my way through my photos (1,100+ is a lot to sort through and process!) but I’ve just about finished those from the first part of my recent trip in Chile so I though I’d post a couple here for you all. The photo [...]
When I travel I always try to take a range of shots – wide angle scene setters, medium length interest shots, and close up detail. As a result I love local markets as the stalls inevitably have a great collection of things to shoot. However the cl [...]
I’m wrapping up my South American trip. The photo above is of the Uyuni salt flats. A very surreal place! It’s been an amazing trip and if you ever get the opportunity to go to Bolivia I would highly recommend it. Today was the trip to [...]