With the explosion of digital photography and reduction in the use of film, many of us no longer have albums of our work we can show people and there’s a risk we end up with a hard disk crammed full of images that are never viewed. However in the Internet age you might counter this and suggest its easy to share your images online for the whole world to see. But do you post to Flickr? Google+? Facebook? Smugmug? 500px? The list goes on…

The latest book from the Craft & Vision stable – “Shoot & Share: Getting your photographs out into the world” by Stuart Sipahigil – addresses this topic. It covers everything from asking why you want to share your photos in the first place, through to deciding what to share and developing a strategy for how to share your work. Finally it wraps up with information on the options of where to share your images.

Starting with the “why”, Stuart prompts you to think about your motivations for sharing. Is it to get feedback? Do you want to make an impact or communicate something? Do you want to sell your work? Until you’ve decided why you want to share your work, you can’t start on a strategy around how to share it. Once you have decided why you want to share your photographs, it will enable you to define your audience and this will drive the method of sharing you use.

Of course picking what to share is not easy either. Publishing everything might be overkill, but picking work you consider your best might not resonate with your target audience. Again, the book goes into detail around how to edit down your shots and how to get help picking the ones to share. Finally Stuart wraps up by covering the places you can share your work. Everything from social media sites and online photo sharing sites, to prints, photo books and public display.

This isn’t necessarily a book that is going to help you improve your photography in terms of capturing the image. But if you’re still taking a scattershot approach to sharing your work there are ideas and exercises here that will help you refine your strategy and create a more cohesive method of distributing your images.

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