Those that know me will be aware that I’m not great at taking photos of people. Some of my early travel photography excluded the human form to such an extent that people I was travelling with used to joke I had Photoshop in my camera and used it to remove all the people! Since then I have been trying to get better and to take shots of the locals going about their life in the countries I visit. It’s still not easy for me but I think I’m getting there. Hopefully the latest book from Craft & Vision will help me improve further.

When David duChemin first started writing eBooks (before Craft & Vision came into being) he produced a couple that included ten tips – going into detail on a small number of easily digestible points to improve your skills. With this latest publication – “Forget Mugshots: 10 Steps to Better Portraits” – David has gone back to form and produced a book containing ten tips to help improve your portrait photography. For each tip he goes into detail, explaining what to do and providing real world examples from the various trips he’s undertaken.

The ten tips he provides information on include:

  • Waiting for the right moment
  • Using the “right” lens
  • Watching the eyes
  • Playing with the light
  • Controlling the background
  • Plus more…

At the end of some sections there is either a creative exercise for you to try the approach just outlined yourself or some background on a particular shot he took.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post I’m not great at people shots. However I’m heading to South America in a couple of months for a trek through Chile, Bolivia and Peru (a figurative trek not a proper walking trek god forbid!) so I’ll be committing the information in this book to memory and seeing if I can return from my travels with some better portraits of the locals I encounter. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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