If you are a landscape photographer I think you’ll like the latest Craft & Vision eBook by Michael Frye. In it he covers the exposure trinity of Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed with a specific focus on landscape photography. As an added bonus the 50 page book is illustrated with some stunning and inspirational images.

After explaining why Exposure matters Michael then progresses to cover aperture, ISO and shutter speed in a bit more detail along with metering and exposure modes available of most cameras today. Finally he wraps up the introduction with a discussion about the histogram, which if you don’t really use at the moment is one thing I would strongly recommend. Then its straight into some real world case studies (ten in total).

The case studies are what I like about this eBook. In each one Michael explains, via images he’s taken and the challenges around exposure they created, how to get the best shot from the scene in front of you. As well as covering the “how”, each case study includes images to illustrate the principles he is talking about. To wrap up each case study you’re set a small exercise based on the topics covered in that section so you can put what you’ve just learnt to practice.

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