Spirit is an annual street theatre performance held in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire each winter. I was wowed when I first attended two years ago and saw Spanish performers Sarruga and their fire-breathing Dragons, chased around the town centre by brave Knights. Although I missed last years’ performance, I managed to attend again this year with friends Rick and Julie.

After a year off, Sarruga were back again this year with a performance called “Peixos”, a water-themed spectacle featuring magical shoals of fish, jellyfish and a shark chasing them. The video above, taken on my camera, shows part of the main procession. As with the Knights and Dragons two years ago, after completing a circuit of the town the show ended with a thrilling climax outside the town hall as the fish faced off with the rather menacing shark. It’s a great event and well worth noting in your diary for next year if you live locally.

The final stand-off between the fish and a menacing shark